Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GC138: Masking Tape (washi tape) Thank Yous

This month on Gingersnap Creations we're celebrating WORDS OF WISDOM.

Are "Please" and "Thank You" words of wisdom? Maybe. Maybe not. But good manners never go out of style. Most people buy a pack of 10 thank you cards and get them right out after receiving a gift. Me (and I'll bet you) have to make a thank you card. And they never seem to get out the door. So this year, I decided to go with clean and simple (CAS) thanks you!

This week's Gingersnap challenge is Masking Tape. I morphed that one a bit into washi tape. My friend, Heather, LOVES the stuff. And I have to admit I really like it too - but it's too "CLEAN" for me generally. So it's sits around looking pretty and I pet it now and then.

To make this a quick project as well as CAS...I started by buying a pack of envelopes and note cards from Archivers'.

I scored all the note cards in half and folded them.

Then I randomly stamped "thank you: on the fronts. Turning some upright and others sideways. There is no science to this one. Just STAMP!

Then I cut strips of washi tape and stuck it to the cards.

One of the great things about washi tape is that it's mostly transparent, so you get great shadows and effects by layering.


(And yes...I did get them all mailed!)


  1. Very fun! Those tapes come in so many great colors. Your cards look great.

  2. Wow, you have a lot of washi tape but it sure made for a pretty set of cards. And by the way, it seems to me that only people who make cards send out thank you notes anymore. I know a couple of people who will buy cards and send them but I can literally count those people on one hand. A few more will send an email but most people just don't seem to bother anymore but I'm with you about manners never going out of style.

  3. I love all your cards, so pretty and colorful!

  4. These are great! Love the bold look!

  5. Fabulous cards and easy to do. Love it.

  6. hi Deb! ok..well...I am soooo gonna do this! tfs!