Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Muse-ing Preview

Last year, I did some catalog work for the "new" A Muse Studio. I loved working on their holiday mini. So when the art director invited me to add my "vintage" style to their 2nd catalog, I eagerly agreed!

I haven't seen the catalog yet, but this last week, A Muse Studio held their 1st convention in New Orleans. And all the card samples sent in for the new catalog were on display. Imagine my delight when one of their consultants posted pictures of the samples....and a good many were mine!

Here's the link to Mindy Fisher's A*MUSE-ingly Crafty blog!

Which cards are mine?

2nd photo - The triptych of vintage announcers.
4th photo - both bee skeps are mine
5th photo - the far left poppy card
6th photo - the far upper right (poppy) and the 2nd from the left (Union Jacks with "Carry On")
7th photo - the grey USA over grey/red travel labels
9th photo - the Union Jack "Carry On" (pretty sure that one is mine...when you do 30+ cards you might forget one.)
14th photo - same as 7th photo

Sweet! I'm excited to see the real catalog!


  1. :) I can't wait to see the catalog and your great work inside!! It must be a super feeling!!

  2. Woo Hoo for you! I know your cards when I see 'em! Love them! Let me know if you need to be hooked up with a catalog or two! :)