Sunday, February 26, 2012

Canvas Create: January

I've become a devotee of Donna Downey. I love her "go for the gusto" mixed media creations. I haven't started a art journal yet, but as soon as I get a few things off my plate I will.

In the mean time I signed up for her newest series: CANVAS CREATE. Here's my January canvas. Mine came out a lot darker than hers but that's ok. It's my canvas.

Donna loves masking tape. Me? Not so much. But I did use torn paper and washi tape. I really like the feel of this.
I'll be working on February's canvas soon. (grin)


  1. Love this canvas- the colors are bright and beautiful!!!

  2. It's really gorgeous!!!! I love the colors :-).

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the colour burst! Just yum! Kim

  4. just beautiful! wonderful colors and such a vibrant spirit to the piece! xo

  5. Stunning colors! What a totally gorgeous creation, Deb.