Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tim Tag 2011 - Day 12 (The Finale!)

Well, we come to the end. Tim posted his twelfth tag on Monday, but I've had family issues that absorbed Monday and Tuesday. I finally got my twelfth tag done last night but it was too late to post it.

So here we are! I loved Tim's colors! And the little house (his looked like a surfboard for the angel tho...) I decided to just stay with the houses.
I free cut them out of grungeboard. I had blue German Scrap already (so no need to invent some). And I went with simply typed words. (Did I tell you I bought a typewriter a while back?? Sooooo retro!!) (grin)

I am so happy that I completed all 12 tags this year! That's a first for me. I've been taking them to work and hanging them on my cube wall. EVERYBODY stops by to see the new tag each day. It's been fun!!


  1. I like youu take on tims tag. The little wreath is so cute. Lucky you to score a type writer. I try not to think of the one I no longer have. They do look so cool.

  2. I have enjoyed your tags!! You always amaze me :) Merry Christmas to you too!!