Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift Card Holder

This year for Christmas most of my gifts were gift cards. I love getting gift I give them a lot. (wink)

But I like to "wrap" them up, too.

Amuse Studio has a great 5-inch stocking die. Which is the perfect size for this. They also have a mitten that makes a great gift card holder too.

Out of two 6x6 sheets of paper (I use double-sided paper so the inside is pretty too). Cut 2 full stockings and 1 toe/heel.

For the cuff, fold a coordinating paper in half and lay the fold just under the die edge.

I lay the card in the center of the "back" of the stocky and place red tape all around it.

Place the toe/heel over the red line tape. You now have a pocket for the card.

On the cuff, place red line tape at the bottom edge of both sides. Don't place it higher or the card won't open.

I place both stocking pieces together and then fold the cuff over each section. I punch a hole in the cuff and added a ribbon and hanger. Removable glue dots will keep the card closed until it's time. Put one behind the card too, so it doesn't move around.

If you'd like to order the stocking or mitten die, contact Chris.


  1. This is such a cute idea! I have been known to give gift cards and even money to some choosy folk but I like giving them in a pretty holder.
    Thanks for sharing this fun project! :)

  2. Too cute and a fabulous idea!