Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr Paine's Apothecary

I've been dying to do a shadow box and/or Configurations box. So I asked Pat, the owner of ONE LITTLE SPARK, if she'd be ok with a Configurations box. There isn't a lot of stamping but it does use a lot of goodies! She said yes right off.

So I started collecting goodies to go in the box. Surprisingly, (or maybe not) this time of year it's very easy to find cheap spooky stuff.

Here are most of my class ladies with their finished pieces. I was very happy they all got done in 2 hours!! Pat, the owner, is on the far left and I'm in the middle back.

So some close-ups:
Monkey Paw. One of the gals tore strips of Sticky Back Canvas and wrapped it around the boney fingers for a Mummy Hand.

A spider created a web in an empty hole.

Apothecary bottles.

Dr. Paine's shingle...

Skeleton and goodies.

Mouse (Martha punch).

Mini skulls


The greenery behind most of the goodies is "reindeer moss", which I found at Hobby Lobby. It's very moist and flexible when it comes out of the bag. But I noticed today that it's dried out now. It's even creepier...



  1. Great box. Love the little bottles and the raven!

  2. WOW- this looks like a super cool class!!! I love the collage case!