Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cookie Exchange

I was invited to participate in a cookie exchange today. I must say it's been 10-15 years since I've done one. Back in those days I cards/stamping card for me! You know I've been doing recipes cards all year (and yes I know I'm behind but I'm catching up (stay tuned)). So it's seemed natural, even mandatory to give the cookie recipes the "treatment".

This is a new recipe for me - Pistachio-Cranberry Biscotti - taken from last year's Betty Crocker's Christmas Cookie book (you know--the ones at the grocery check-out that look so darn good!)

It doesn't have a lot of ingredients but it does have a lot of steps. So, it didn't fit on the standard card. I solved that problem with a flip page. The paper and image is all Stampin' Up.

You remember my Tim tag from day #2. You might have wondered why I made a BUNCH of them. It's simple...they were the fronts to a recipe. People always ask me what I do with my tags. I generally just stand them in a box to look at now and then. This seems like a better use!

Here's the back - my Grandmother's Ginger Snap recipe. I have to say it's my favorite Christmas cookie.


  1. Deb, these TAG´s are so beautiful and it´s a great idea to use them for recipes !!

  2. love these soooo much Deb! gonna try the cookies and mite hav to case the tags! awesome!

  3. These are SUPER!!!! These would make GREAT Christmas Cards themselves!!!! :)

  4. Pretty!!!! Sounds like a fun day to me :-). And I still hate that you don't stitch. I went to the Sampler Guild meeting and thought about you.