Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Glimmer Mist Class

Well, my mojo is back!!! Helped in part by an ATC swap that's due on Friday (still trying to get it out the door but I have a plan!) And a class last night at Archivers'.

I generally take classes in hopes of 1) picking up a trick or two; 2) trying a new product; or 3) just because I like the project. In this case it was #1 & #3 - I'm always hoping to pick-up some new tip. I can't say I did in this class - beyond using a mask - these pages are simply sprayed. But I do like the project. I've never been one to follow crafting directions. I didn't in this case either. I moved pages around, applied my own "techniques", etc. Autumn, the teacher, is always great about letting me do my thing! (grin)

Not the best pictures of the project. It's so hard to show the glimmer and depth of color. This project used the Glimmer Mist embossed chipboard pages. Last night when I was misting the album, the liquid saturated into the chipboard and gave it a mottled look which I did not like. I was hoping that as the chipboard dried it would give up that look, and it did. I'm much more pleased today with the results. The embossed parts were rubbed with Distressed Ink.

I plan to print the pictures in a sepia tone. I think it will be a great mini album.

And I got some new Martha punches this weekend - 30% off at Michael's. I can't wait to use the bird punch...I think it will be a favorite!! Stay tuned for V-day projects using them!


  1. Glad to hear your muse has returned from her vacation!

    Your Glimmer Mist album looks perfectly vintage and I'm sure the glimmer is best appreciated in person; isn't that always the way it is with sparkle and shimmer :( ?

    Awesome new punches -- I hadn't even seen those yet!

  2. I think your vintage book looks cool. I've yet to try those mists!! stop encourageing me, LOL!! and I can't wait to see what you do with that bird punch!!