Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rebirth: Everything Happens for a Reason

To paraphrase Dickens, "this is a tale of two canvases..."

All year I've been taking Donna Downey's CANVAS CREATE classes. It's a different canvas and technique each month. I've really enjoyed getting out of my rut and trying new things.

This is the finished piece.
The photo below is where I started.

Donna's May canvas was done on a black canvas. And I tried twice to get the technique to work for me, but never liked the results. After the third try, I decided to give up and used another technique of Donna's to use up the paint in the palette cups. (There's a video on her blog, but I can't find it...)

When I finished this version my thought was....'THIS LOOKS LIKE A FOREST FIRE."

Then the Waldo Canyon fire had me evacuating...UGH!

Coming home again, I stared at that "forest fire" canvas for a long time and kept thinking I should just throw it away.  Then I decided to redo the canvas and create something I liked.

I started with modeling paste.  (Have I told you that I'm addicted to modeling paste now???)

And watercolor pastels, sprays, and Inca Gold.  IN LOTS OF LAYERS.  When I got to this point I didn't know where to go.  In the end I glued a flower bunch on the canvas that pulled all the cool colors together.

"Everything Happens for a Reason".

Yes. I believe that!


  1. Oh it's so, so pretty Deb!!!! Love it :-).

  2. Glad you kept going - it's gorgeous!

  3. Wow - This is amazing. Loved that you showed the different step. Once again you have created another mater piece!! Hugs- Carolyn G

  4. Oh I love this it is so beautiful, stunning!