Thursday, June 28, 2012

Denver Post Photos

The Denver Post has posted a photo array of aerial photos taken between June 24 to 27.   They are quite stunning and if you want to look at the whole array you can find it here:

I pulled this one out because it’s of Woodland Park.  Pointed south down Hwy 24 (if the angle was right you'd be looking directly at Pike's Peak).  Hwy 24 makes a "U" through the middle of Woodland Park (bottom center).  In the lower right you can see the turn off where Hwy 67 (my evacuation route) splits off of Hwy 24.  The photo is taken “over my house” (probably not quite but close).  Follow Hwy 24 to the center of the photo…you can see a LARGE building.  That’s Wal-mart.  Mom’s house is directly across the highway and up the hill two blocks.

I've added a few more pictures to yesterday's post (my internet connection was very slow last night).

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  1. Deb, I have seen the terrible news from Colorado on TV here in Norway, and I'm glad to see that you are safe. Yesterday I heard on the news that more than 300 homes are gone, because of the fire. It's a tragedy!
    I'm thinking og you...