Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Laura!

April 14th is an interesting day in history...
...the Titanic hit the iceberg on the 14th (it sank on the 15th)...
...Lincoln was shot (he died on the 15th too)...
...on normal years, taxes are due...
...and on the April 14th, 1963 my baby sister, Laura, born
(the 14th is also my Dad's birthday and in 1963 it was Easter Sunday)!

This year my sister turns 49 (my Dad would have been 80).

So I wanted to give her a little piece of me.

Besides the background (which I confessed yesterday I nearly left "blank" and kept), I love the shorts. Laura is a math teacher in the numbered shorts made me giggle.

And I like how my poppies turned out.  Aren't they fun?

The sentiment "As you wish" is from her favorite movie Princess Bride.

Yes, I seem to be doing a lot of canvas lately...but I have to tell you I'm having FUN with it!! I've also been working on some scrapbooks and tags.



  1. just awesome Deb- She will love it :)

  2. I do love it!! From the poppies to the quote, which I think means I love you to the girl. I'm so honored to own a piece of the Deb Corder works of art!!!! Thank you!!

  3. Wow, this is stunning - and I still see that wonderful background!

  4. OMG- loving this- the colors are wonderful- love the poppies- awesome!!!

  5. Wonderful - the background, the poppies just everything !!

  6. Inspirational to say the least.

  7. Well I really though that the background was too good to touch but you outdid yourself with this one, oh my gosh! I totally love it! Awesome, awesome, awesome, can I buy one ? :)
    Lori K.

  8. This is a GREAT piece, Deb. I am sure that your sister adores it! :) What a great labor of love from you to her. I got a chuckle out of the numbered shorts too (great story). :) Kel

  9. Fabulous canvas! Soo gorgeous!

  10. Just had to stop by and see YOUR canvases after your blog comment left for me - you have been having fun and they look great - not just your She Art ones, but your Donna Downey canvas too! I so love playing with the backgrounds and adding layer after layer - always end up with good inky fingers! :-) and it looks like you'd agree!!