Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dean's 80th Birthday

First let me wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my cousin, Dean, who celebrates his 80th birthday this week!!! Dean is so full of life that it's hard to believe he's 80 now. So I wanted to do a FUN birthday card for him.

Like many of you, I've beecome addicted to Pinterest. I find it a great source of inspiration. I pinned this card recently and decided that Dean needed a candle for each decade. And that beautiful CAS card needed a little grunging up!
The finished card has a Red Lead background stamp. To lighten it up a bit I added some gesso on bubble wrap, and some texture with a small piece of cardboard.

To create the candles, I cut 8 strips (2.5 x 4) from a Bo Bunny pad of paper (so all the candles coordianted). To break down the stiff paper (and get it to roll tightly), I pulled it over a sharp corner several times.

A little quick drying glue along the edge. I cut small bits of Scrapper's Floss and stuck it in one end as a wick. And 8 paper candles were born.

Happy Birthday Dean!!


  1. Deb this is one fantastic great card!! Happy birthday Dean :)

  2. Fabulous card! Love how you made those cool candles! Happy Birthday to your Cousin! Wowzers on his 80th!

  3. I like the idea with the handmade candles. Beautiful card, Deb !