Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Tags

A few years ago I gave my family and friends a small tin filled with 10 Christmas tags. I said at the time, "return the empty tin and I'll refill it".

So last year the empty tins came back (all but one...Heather). But I didn't get around to filling it. I made a good start but just ran out of time.

So this year I put about 20 tags inside and returned them.

I didn't offer to fill them again. But we'll see how I feel next year.

(I used a wide variety of stamps, papers, and embellishments -- and I didn't keep track. So enjoy!)


  1. I have to laugh. You didn´t offer it again....LOL ?!?! Your tags are very beautiful and i like the different styles.

    Merry christmas !

  2. Wow! Called out for not returning the tin!? You could have at least said it was because I loved the pretty snowflake wrapping! *lol* You crack me up! Thanks for the new tags (despite my disobeying the rules)! *lol*