Thursday, September 1, 2011

Published...sort of...

I was published again...SORT OF...

A few issues ago, a page worth of cards was attributed to me, but it wasn't my work. I felt so sorry for the artist that did send in the work. How disappointing it must be to *NOT* to see your name!

Well, they did it again. My name. Another artist's work. So sad. And these were such a neat concept!

But this week, I was flipping thru to see what the next deadline was and the challenges. And I saw this ad for the next issue...and there was one of my cards! Using an amuse studio sentiment and their snowflake dies (told you they had killer dies!). I'll be interested to see if the card makes the next issue.


  1. I hope it makes it. I love your cards.

  2. Eek! That has happened to me but as the person who got their name replaced by someone elses! It was Craft Stamper for mine and they did apologies when I pointed it out but I was gutted!
    I love that you have announced it here - so nice of you to do that! Hope the makers get their apology from the mag!
    Hope your card gets in and is correctly named LOL! Kim

  3. I had never really thought about magazines making that kind of mistake. So unfortunate for the true artist! They will surely correct it in the next issue. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for your card to be in the next issue!!

  4. this is rather disconcerting but I'm happy they published your work!