Sunday, June 26, 2011

She Art - part 6 (final)

...con't (from here)...

Here are the finished girls. Believe it or not...this was just the first "week" of classes. There are 2 more weeks. I have 3 more canvases purchased...but I'm not sure I'll follow the classes. I have some ideas floating around in my head... (grin)

The next two days will feature closes ups of each canvas.

(an online class - SHE ART by Christy Tomlinson at The Scarlet Lime.)


  1. Beautiful! I absolutely love the backgrounds.

  2. I've enjoyed watching these pieces emerge. And the final is lovely. Looking forward to the close ups.

  3. It's been interesting to see these come together, I like how you placed the flower stamps on the second one.

  4. I love all those beautiful colors! It's great!

  5. I really like the colours you have used in the backgrounds. I have been doing some of my own she art too!