Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oops! (not my work)

So, I got my Stampers' Sampler in the mail over the weekend. I knew I didn't have any thing in this issue because I didn't get an advanced copy.

But I always check who submitted the beautiful art pieces because I have stamping friends around the world who are routinely published!

Imagine my surprise to see my name above two beautiful cards!!

I feel for the artist that submitted these two's terrible not to be recognized for your efforts!


  1. Congrats, Deb!!! I saw your beautiful artwork right away, it caught my eye. You are not alone, BTW... two blogging friends of mine have had the same thing happen to them recently (no advanced or free copy at all), and had to contact them to get it. (One even had her art altered!). Things aren't running as smoothly for the Stampington group as they once did.

  2. hi Deb! Hope u r doin well...looks like u been having some fun traveling and etc! Congrats on the that mag and hope they work out their kinks.. :)

  3. Hope the magazine straightens it out. I;m sure the lady will be very disappointed not to see her name in print above her cards. Your tags and cards are always special and so beautiful.

  4. I would have been surprised to see my name in there too. They must have realized after it went to print if they didn't send you an advanced copy, I am guessing, but I sure hope they sent an apology to the artist. Hope you are doing well {{hugs}} from Kel