Friday, August 6, 2010

A Small Vacation

So you might have guessed from my last post - I was off to Seattle! Mom and I flew into Seattle and spent the day seeing the sights. I've been to Seattle several times but never to Pike's Place Market (I know!) My friend, Heather, has been working/playing up there the last few weeks. She showed us around and took me to a few stamp shops (what a HORRIBLE TIME TO BE UNEMPLOYED! With both AMuse and Impress there)!! We had a family reunion in LaConnor, Washington - which was TONS of FUN! And then Mom and I drove south to Cannon Beach, Oregon (my mom's favorite place), for a few additional days of R&R.

What a fun place! I can't believe I've never been to PIKE'S PLACE MARKET!

Heather took us by her place of business!

Mom and The Space Needle from Kerry Park.

Out side our room in La Connor, Washington (GORGEOUS)!!!

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon. Even though it looks cold and windy - it was a pretty good week. It didn't rain on us at all and the sun mostly came out for a few hours around 2pm.

My last day in Oregon, we drove down to Boiler Bay for a picnic lunch. Every time my Mom stops here she sees a whale. This day was no exception! He was feeding so he surfaced 12-15 times. (you can see him mid picture above the foam).

So I'm back in Colorado now and have found some stamping MOJO.


  1. Hi Deb! Love your pics- my sister lived in Seatle and I am so sorry I never got out there to visit! :) Cant wait to see what u will create now that you are back and mojo-filled! ha ha!

  2. Hi Deb. Your pics are awesome. Glad you got to get away for awhile. Since you are unemployed you probably have a little stress and I am sure this was a fun trip for you and your Mom.

  3. What an awesome vacation and respite from job hunting stress! Gorgeous photos; they really make me miss the West Coast. I'd love to visit the Pacific Northwest, especially on non-rainy days!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful vacation!!!! Love all the pictures :-).

  5. Very fun! And I have a few more pics for you too!

  6. Hi Debs, your pic are awesome and it´s fantastic to see a whale !! Sounds like a great vacation .

  7. Great vacation photos! I have heard of Pike's Place...we watched a motivational video about it at work once.

  8. your readers are always happy when you find your mojo!! and you look so much like your mom :-)