Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Elegant Mess - Fred B Mullett class

The best thing about having an independent local stamp/scrapbook store (LSS) are the traveling teachers that come! My LSS hosted Fred B Mullet this weekend. I had signed up for his "THE ELEGANT MESS" class before I was laid off. What a TREAT this class was!

Using Ranger Adirondack Color Wash sprays, masks, and Twinkling H2O's we made background papers.

Unlike Glimmer Mist, the Color Wash sprays are straight color with no mica powder. Fred had watered some of them down for lighter shades. The H2O's add the "glimmer" - both through splattering and stamping with H2O's (you wet them down until they are mostly goop).

Here's the first background made on a thin Japanese paper. It's like tissue paper but a bit thicker.

Here's the card from that background.

This is the other Japanese paper background. The H2O's I was using were not "flinging" in a droplet manner but in big blotches. I thought I had "ruined" the paper but as you can see below, it turned out ok!

I think this is my favorite - but in the class it's like trying to pick between your favorite kids. I love them all equally! Then we turned to another paper...

... to 90 lbs. watercolor paper. This time the paper wasn't saturated with color and is more subtle. We also didn't use the H2O's.

The class handouts included a set of "masks" to cut out for a positive/negative image. These "masks" are available on Fred's website in PDF format. I picked the petroglyph horse. The background of this card is the paper above. The horse was cut from the right half of the piece below.

The 2nd sheet of 90 lbs. watercolor paper.

I also used the negative image of the petroglyph horse and a piece of the Japanese paper to back the image.

Both watercolor papers also had backs - the "wiped up" mist left from the other side of the paper. I do this often with glimmer mist - it makes the best backgrounds!

I still have LOTS and LOTS of paper left. I can't wait to continue playing with the left over scraps (and make some more)!!!


  1. Wow, this is so beautiuful! I am doing lots of Shimmery spray. I learn how to do it with Zia ~ she once came in Québec! I was so lucky to be able to look at her work. Fred is an other great artist and I love his work ~ wish he come in Quebec, I will do all that I can to be part of his course. You really did a great work with those artistic background. They all are piece of art. Congradulation!
    Miss Apple on SCS

  2. ummmm Deb...I really want to come over!!! he he he! Wowzers, these are sooooo cool!

  3. How fun! This technique really produces works of art, especially matted that way. Bet it's a blast to create, too!!

  4. Deb, you´re a very talented Lady. With your signing on it, they look like little works of art. Very beautiful !!

  5. Deb,

    Glad you came to play Friday night! See you next time through, I hope.

    that rbbrfish guy

  6. Gorgeous!!!! I love the colors,

  7. Awesome! There are no mistakes, only happy accidents in card making and scrapping!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)

  8. Very cool BG's you made, looks like you had a great time!

  9. These cards are beautiful! I purchased some of his stamps when I was in Seattle a couple years back but now I'd love to take a class!

  10. Gorgeous! I really wish I could take one of his classes. I'm envious! These are sooo beautiful.