Sunday, April 11, 2010

Michelle Zindorf class

Today my friend, Joanna, and I took a class with Michelle Zindorf. Michelle is well known for her beautifully brayered and sponged cards. I've always been pretty good with sponging (it's a grunge thing). But brayering hasn't always gone well for me. I may not be an expert after today's class but I feel like I'm MUCH improved. You can even see the improvement in my class cards!!

(Joanna Moore, Michelle Zindorf, me)

My first attempt is on the left. You can see the large spot of BLUE in the center of the card. The card on the right was the last card. You can see that I got a smoother result with the brayer by the end.

This is the second class card. I like this one but you can tell I forgot the cardinal rule of starting to brayer off the cardstock and then move in. There is a line in the middle where I started brayering in the middle. OOPS! The rest was sponged. I also see I didn't mount the image evenly. (ugh)

All the stamps are Stampin Up! - but I'm sorry I can't tell you the names of the sets right now! The "artwork" is mine - the designs are all Michelle's!!

Finally, I wanted to share the card I posted earlier in the week. I reworked parts of the card and I like this result much better. The butterfly was flipped around and I added the bling. Bling is like glitter - it's always better with than without! (grin)


  1. Oh wow, those are great! I just love the look you get with brayering (and sponging). You definitely mastered it in the 2nd card! Wow! I also like your reworked card- I like the butterfly like that, and yes bling is always better LOL! :) Thanks for sharing your work from the class!

  2. Aren't Michelle's classes fun? Looks like they were quite productive for you; your brayering is awesome on the second card!

  3. Wow, sounds like a fun class! Your cards are beautiful!

  4. first of all, I'm so jealous! I'd love to take a class from Michelle!! but no one ever comes to the Alberta Canada area!!! and your cards are amazing! Finally, your re-worked card is such a great improvement. Makes me want to take out all my previously made cards and make them better!! wow, hard to believe a few piecesof bling and switching the direction of that butterfly would make such a huge difference on an already beautiful card!!

  5. How fun! My GF's are taking a class from Michelle in about two weeks. looks like you did great. I've not had much luck with brayering myself, but Love to see what everyone else can do!
    BTW Love how you changed the layout on your card, bravo!

  6. I love Zindorf's style - her works look like pieces of art? How was her teaching style? I'
    ve been considering taking a class from her

  7. Hello Deb, I have never done anything like this. It seems you have learned a lot in this class. The difference between the two cards is fantastic. And the result is spectacular !