Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Eats!

I'm a HUGE fan of Alton Brown. I watch Good Eat religiously. Alton's quirky mix of cooking, science (the WHY behind a cooking method - LOVE the puppets), and his crazy spoofs on movies is teaching me to cook! I've tried many of his recipes and they have been come favorites: Slower Cooker Pepper Pork Chops, Super Apple Pie, Ramen Shrimp Pouch, and Crepes to name a few.

So when I saw this recipe holder at Archivers I had to take the class!

The kit that came with the class included an acrylic base, the chipboard dividers, and Cosmo Cricket papers and chipboard stickers. I followed the general class instruction, but did change some of the pages (I can never follow the directions completely!) The only thing I have left to do is label the tabs (dinner, lunch, sides, cookies, etc) and then redo the Good Eats recipes I love!

Stay tuned!!

If you would like some Blog Candy, my friend Jacque, is celebrating her 6-month Blog-versary here: Jacque's Joie de Vivre


  1. Deb---this is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! I love what you did with this kit! And I've just recently fallen in love with Alton Brown myself--just got his wonderful cookbook at Costco--basically episodes taken from his first season--I love it! I love how he gives the history of things, that makes it so much more interesting to me! Thanks for your visits--I look forward to them!

  2. Deb, that is absolutely darling!!! And I just love the happy, cheerful papers you have selected...but my goodness, so much detail....Lovely job!!! Now, what's for dinner??? Hugs..Jacque

  3. very cute! I saw this class myself..was wondering bout it cuz I have adult children that want cookbooks from me..havent decided what I am gonna do yet.. :)

  4. Such a fun recipe holder! Very retro; it reminds me of a 50s kitchen.

    You are making me hungry with those recipe names!!

  5. Okay, Deb--this is going to freak you out--I forgot (and that's not unusual for me!) to tell you when I posted earlier...we are more in sync than we thought! You just did this great post with Alton Brown, and guess what's been cooking all day at my house? His recipe for Boston Baked Beans (his altered version, of course!) It smells so good in here! I've never tried it, so I'm excited! I was planning on talking that tomorrow on my blog, so I'll have to mention our strange coincidence---scary! I'm pairing this with my sister's recipe for pumpkin cornbread with honey butter--I'll have that tomorrow, too! Just couldn't believe I forgot to tell you this earlier!

  6. Very cool recipe book. I know you will have lots of great recipese to fill it with :) Hugs, Kel