Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Air Force vs Army

I had a busy weekend and that resulted in no cards to share.

Let me start by saying - I AM NOT A FOOTBALL FAN. I had to PROMISE to stay the whole game and not whine about leaving early. (I took my knitting....wink). Fortunately, it was a GLORIOUS Fall day - perfect weather! And after 18 inches of snow two weekends before, we were grateful!

Living in the Colorado Springs area means that our home town "college" is the Air Force Academy. Many years ago we had season tickets to the home games but shortly before 9/11 we had decided not to renew. So, it's been a long while since I was at a game.

Several months ago my mom won two tickets to the Air Force/Army football game in a silent auction. The inter-service games have more "pomp and circumstance" than the regular Air Force games. And while, I haven't been to many college games, I think that the Air Force games are special. Most of the pre-game and half-time non-football events take place in the "AIR". (shocking, I know...)

When we got to our seats I noticed the flag at half-staff in honor of the Ft. Hood shooting victims. We had a moment of silence at the start of the game.

Then with the band playing, a good many of the cadet "wings" marched into the stadium.

After the National Anthem the cadets are "released" and run up into their seats.

Next a small plane flies over and 8 people jump out of the plane. One has the game ball, one has a live feed camera, one has the flag...

...and they all land (or try to land) on the 50 yard line.

Then the fly-overs start. Don't ask me what type of planes these are. It varies from game to game. They're fast and they shake the stadium...what more could you ask for? (Big GRIN!)

Fly over #2 coming over the scoreboard...

...and putting on the after burners. This one looked like a big Lear jet. THEN the games starts!

UPDATE: I've been informed by those in the know that this is a B1.

This is what I call a "Dave and Heather" shot. A friend of mine and her husband take an arms length picture everyplace they go. Not the best picture of me...but good pictures are few and far between. Oh...and that's my mom hiding from the sun.

When Air Force scores - the 1st year cadets all run into the end zone and do a push up for every AF point on the board. Here is 7-0.

And at halftime, the "only performing mascot in the NCAA" flies around the stadium. Some of the cadets practice falconry and one of the falcons will fly around the stadium several times as one of the guys swings a lure. It's a big bird (unfortunately, I never did get him on camera). In years past, the falcon will leave the stadium occasionally. Not to worry - they wear "beepers" and are returned to the "nest".

OH...and Air Force triumphed over Army (35-7).

This weekend is the main event for VSN (Virtual Stamp Night) on SCS. Please join me on Saturday morning, 11ET, 10CT, 9MT, 8PT - I will be hosting the first challenge on Saturday morning. Here's the shopping list. I will be posting my challenge cards here again both Friday and part of Saturday.


  1. Looks like you had a great time, Deb! I'm not a huge football fan, either, but sometimes it's just fun! Your mom is adorable--so are you!

  2. Looks like a great pre-show! DH says the plane looks like a B1, but it must have just been visiting.

    We call those photos 'lonely man shots', but you have your mom, so it's a nice photo and not at all lonely!!

  3. It's a great picture Deb (your mom is cute!). Ken confirms that it was a B1 (we watched the air show too). And those poor cadets .... that's a lot of push-ups!

  4. Wow, that is SO cool! I wish I had been there with you all. :) I am not a HUGE football fan, but it is more fun at the game for sure, and all the extras with the AF had to be totally COOL! Love the photo of you and mom. Hugs to you both!! :) Kel