Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mini Cat Show

Normally, I'm not a fan of a 3-day weekend simply because as a contractor, when I don't work I don't get paid. And a 3-day weekend means a short paycheck. BUT!! This weekend was an exception. In fact, I took Friday off too. My friend, Anne Lise, is here from Norway with a friend of hers, Marit. It's Marit's first trip to the US, so we took her to Taos and Santa Fe to get the "southwest" feel. You know what I mean - Nachos, Margaritas, etc.

Saturday we drove to Santa Fe mainly to share the "Indian Market" (silver/turquoise offered for sale on blankets around the main square). But to our surprise there was also a "craft" fair. If I understood the news correctly, this weekend started a year long celebration of Santa Fe's 400th birthday. Now, 400 isn't old to a couple of Norwegians. But to us (US), 400 is OLD!!! We had fun walking thru the tents in the middle of the square, eating home-made tamales, and spending a few $$$.

Then I ran down the street to STAMPA FE, a local stamp store. A while back another friend, Heather, had shared her "Day of the Dead" stamps she had gotten there. For those not familiar with Mexico's DIA DE LOS MUERTOS celebration, it's their Halloween. Celebrated on Nov 1st (All Saints Day) and 2nd (All Souls Day). The most iconic images are the skeletons that are dressed up or are sing/dancing. I bought a few stamps at STAMPA FE...they are good for Halloween too. (WINK)

So, now I need to get serious about some Halloween cards!

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  1. Fun day and a perfect 'taste' of the southwest! And you even found stamps!! Love the 'viva margarita' sentiment and the route 66 image, although not necessarily together ;).