Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finding my crafty spot!

A very good friend is coming for a visit! It will be the first time she's seen my new house, so of course I've been cleaning like crazy. The main part of the house I did all on Saturday. But it's taken me 3 days to find my crafty space! I'm sure most stampers do this - get out everything they own (or close) to make ONE card and then neglect to put away the supplies until the stamping space has been reduced to 12 square inches.

I'm sorry I don't have "BEFORE" pictures but here are the "AFTER" pictures.

I rearranged all my paper into 12x14 bins I got at an office supply store. I'm fortunate because my twin bed is high enough that they slide under. Makes a big difference to only see it when you need it. My designer papers are kept in other bins.

Then I started on my ribbon storage. Most of it I already had in the spool minders but I also had lots of loose ribbon. That's all stored safely in a drawer now and on my new wall organizer...

This shelf unit is from Making Memories and is about 26x36. I cannot believe what all I stored here. All of my CD cases full of stamps. My paints, loose ribbon spools, miscellaneous goodies, and two drawers (that I had pulled out of another storage unit) filled with brads. WOW! Was that a great find!

And finally a two-level spinner with my other acyclic stamps. I'm still filling/organizing that but I'm 95% done. Now I can enjoy Anne Lise's visit and get back to created cards!!


  1. Wow, girl, look at what you've accomplished! Want to come help me dig out my craft area?

    Enjoy your visitor and then enjoy that calm crafting space!!

  2. Deb...that's looks wonderful!!! Gosh, can I be in line after Jessica...I need help badly!!!!! I am suffocating under embellies....lolol

  3. Lookin' good! I particularly like the bumper sticker. *lol*

  4. Deb - looks wonderful! i've gotta know - whats that on the top shelf, right? are those stamp storage cases?