Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Cat Show"

Today in Colorado Springs was the annual Scrapbook and Stamping Expo. It's a craft fair with multiple vendors where the latest and greatest in the paper crafts world is available for purchase. I *always* find something I "need". My friend, Heather and I grabbed our debit cards and headed out!

When I was growing up, the Corder girls (Joan, Deb, and Laura) had a tradition after a shopping spree to layout all our purchases on a flat surface and have a "cat show". Don't ask me how it got that name. It just is. I didn't buy a lot of items but I'm thrilled with what I got.

We walked by this booth on the first round but I'm so glad we made a second tour! This lady was from Connecticut. She had lots of vintage photos, postcards, and books - mostly French stuff. I got 2 vintage books with gorgeous patine pages for $18.00. One book I intend to keep intact as altered art book. The other is in pretty bad shape, so I will use the pages for ephemera. Yummy stuff!!

And the Denami Designs booth is always PACKED!! This year was no exception. They always have such cute stamps and samples. This year I mostly got "filler" stamps to sets or lines I already had. And took lots of pictures of the samples for reference and inspiration.

This was a vendor, SAR Some-Assembly-Required, that neither Heather or I had run across before. They created 3 dimensional objects in a grid layout. There were a variety of ways to get the pattern: stamp/cut, pre-cut kits, die cut templates, and stencils. I hope to be sharing the pear with you in a few days.


  1. What a fun day! I'm impressed with all your finds and can't wait to see your cat show-inspired creations!!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I hope you enjoy it :) What a cool thing to do a "cat show" funny name LOL! Also the convention sounds really great, glad you got to go! I look forward to your blog entries.

    Lori (artsylori)

  3. That's cute! Gosh, I don't think I want to lay all my stuff out and take pics. I might scare myself! ;)

    Now to USE some of it! Hmm ... I don't think you REALLY need to clean Friday night, do you? *lol*